# RRPathGen

RRPathGen is a program that allows teams to quickly generate trajectories through a GUI.

Current features:

  • Viewing of paths by importing them
  • Modification of paths through either the GUI or changing the values in the text fields
  • Export of paths in the form of Java code
  • Customisation of length and width of the robot
  • Support for different sized screens and resolutions
  • Paths can be flipped to account for the robot starting in different sides of the field
  • Uses same field coordinates as MeepMeep

Check the GitHub repository (opens new window) for more information.

# Installation (Jar)

  1. Download the jar from the releases page (opens new window).
  2. Check that you have at least java 8 installed java --version
  3. Run the jar either by double clicking it or through the command line with java -jar RRPathGen-X.X.X.jar

# Installation (Intellij)

  1. Clone the repo git clone https://github.com/Jarhead20/RRPathGen.git
  2. Setup a run configuration
  3. Run the app

# Usage

Generate your paths using the key binds below and once you are done export the path with the export button and copy paste it into your autonomous program.

Key Bind Action
Left Click Add New Point
Left Drag (Point) Drags Selected Point
Alt + Left Click Change Heading
Left Arrow Next Path
Right Arrow Previous Path
R Reverse Robot Direction
Delete Delete Selected Node
Ctrl + Z Undo Previous Action

If you accidentally do something wrong with the config, just delete it at %appdata%/RRPathGen for Windows, ~/Library/Application Support/RRPathGen/config.properties for MacOS and ~/.RRPathGen/config.properties for Linux.

# Acknowledgements

The inspiration from this project came from Technic Bots' Blitz (opens new window) app.
The field images were aquired from MeepMeep (opens new window).
And a big thank you to Ryan Brott (opens new window) for helping me with the spline implementation.